Friday, October 19, 2012

Pan Art Fair

Not just another white cube, The Kenmore is a small, cold self-run exhibition object measuring approximately 36"x24"x24". Though it is mobile, it is of late sometimes located at SKYDIVE Art Space in Houston, Texas and recently participated in the Venice Beach Biennale located at the Venice Beach Inn and Suites in Venice, California.

The Kenmore's mission is to keep ideas fresh through providing a unique exhibition context and the experience of collaboration. For the Pan Art Fair, The Kenmore will be "running" under the guidance of its Chief Curator, internationally unknown artist Emily Sloan, and her former lawyer David McClain, Esq.

Despite being apprised of the likely activities which will occur in and around The Kenmore during the Pan Art Fair, Robert Boyd, the founder of the fair, said, "I'm fairly certain I have no idea what they will do, but fuck-it, no one else wanted the fridge."

Part evolving installation, part institutional critique, part performance-based trans-media experience, part skim cheese, The Kenmore will chill out the hyper-consumerism that is endemic at other art fairs while (hopefully) encouraging patrons to part with cold hard cash at this fair.

According to The Kenmore's publicist, life coach and professional witness, Ban (no relation to The Great God Pan), "The Kenmore may be liberal, but you still have to pay me." At press time, both Sloan and McClain had made themselves unavailable for comment.
Ban's message service: 713-582-1198

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