Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Karen Brasier Young, water water everywhere

Artist Karen Brasier Young will unveil a new site-specific work of sculptural intervention at The Kenmore, located at Skydive Art Space, with water water everywhere. This one night only event will take place on May 17, 2012 from 7:00pm to 10:00p.m.

Featuring manipulated blue water balloons, some chilled by The Kenmore and some warmed by the sun, water water everywhere is primarily interested in abstract composition, with a hint to material qualities of water, its mechanisms and transformations, and the pure, dripping potential of the material.

When asked about her motives, Brasier Young states, I’m a “disillusioned ex-competitive swimmer and peaceful Galveston Island native, with a personal relationship with water that is conflicted and sometimes leads to ruminating.” While maintaining an allusion to those murkier undercurrents, Karen seeks to redeem the celebratory aspects of water in her mind through an intervention that taps into the youthful nostalgia of water balloon fights and running through sprinklers on a drought-stricken Texas summer day.

Karen Brasier-Young is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Houston, TX. She holds a masters degree in architecture from the University of Cincinnati and has also pursued graduate studies in sculpture at the San Francisco Art Institute. Fueled by an interest in the built environment, Karen’s work indirectly explores issues of space, place, social interaction, and assemblage from a perspective of abstract sculptural practice. Karen is a resident artist at Box 13 ArtSpace, teaches art as an adjunct at Houston Community College, and works as an architectural and interior designer.

Not just another white cube, The Kenmore is a small, cold exhibition object measuring approximately 36" x 24"x 24". The Kenmore's mission is to keep ideas fresh through the opportunity of a unique exhibition context and the experience of collaborating with an object.

SKYDIVE is an artist run exhibition venue unique to Houston. The aim of SKYDIVE is to host a range of art practices that push the limits of their material forms, including non-traditional methods of sculpture, installation, video, performance, and works that engage the viewer through participation, as well as text and web-based projects.

One night only: Thursday, May 17, 7-10pm

Emily Sloan
The Kenmore
c/o SKYDIVE Art Space
2041 Norfolk St.