Monday, May 16, 2011

What Goes on Inside White Cubes? Zarvin Mindler Defrosts the Facts from the Frost-Covered


What Goes on Inside White Cubes? Zarvin Mindler Defrosts the Facts from the Frost-Covered

For Immediate Release-- HOUSTON (May 1, 2011)—Acting upon an anonymous tip that Box 13 ArtSpace has been using a refrigerated “white cube” slyly referred to as “The Kenmore” for more than perishables, Zarvin Mindler organized a frost-biting sting. Mindler infiltrated Box 13 with what she referred to as her “Everyone’s An Artist” tactic. This tactic involved Mindler claiming to be a performance artist with her crew disguised as her photography artist friends and documentarians.

Once inside, Mindler discovered the icy cover-up to be much larger than just The Kenmore. Mindler reported finding up to 10 refrigerated cubes and the possibility of even more. She made her way through several of these cubes, including one coyly guarded by the distraction of its Boxer artist/owner keeping his legs perpetually in the air in an effort to thwart Mindler. Mindler stated, “Although this was a fascinating feat, I refused to allow it to distract me from getting to the bottom of what is going on inside these white cubes! The shenanigans only made me more determined to defrost the facts from the frost-covered. ” In full transparency, Mindler also commended one of the Boxer artists for his impeccably clean black cube containing clean surfaces, fresh foods, and a thermostat.

Upon finally locating The Kenmore and searching inside, Mindler reported the horror of discovering ritual food dolls including some crackers with her own likeness. A Boxer artist who has requested to remain anonymous made the outrageous claim that the dolls were not part of a ritual but were the cast of a sitcom called “The Freshleez…” that was housed in the The Kenmore and produced by La Chicana Laundry. These allegations of further abuses by additional appliances currently remain under investigation.

Above image: Zarvin Mindler next to a photo of her role model Marvin Zindler

Zarvin Mindler determinedly working around legs perpetually in the air. (above)

Zarvin Mindler commends a Boxer. (above)

Zarvin Mindler horrified at the discovery of ritual food dolls including some crackers with her own likeness!

About Zarvin Mindler:
Zarvin Mindler is an investigative performer whose primary method includes Boxer artist Emily Sloan modeling herself after former Houston Press and KTRK-TV investigative reporter, Marvin Zindler. Among Zindler’s many contributions to the local culture, he hosted the infamous “Rat and Roach Report” which included investigating public ice machines for slime. Zindler, Mindler, and Sloan further share a soft spot for the elderly, the working class, the eccentric, designer make-up, white hair and blue glasses.

About The Kenmore and Box 13 ArtSpace:
Not just another white cube, The Kenmore is a small, cold artist-run exhibition object located within Box 13 ArtSpace in Houston, Texas. The Kenmore is just one example of the innovative projects ongoing at Box 13 ArtSpace. Together, they aim to keep things fresh!

Special thanks to Dean Liscum, Trina McIsaac, Tudor Mitroi, Mark Ponder, Bobby Younce and Box 13 ArtSpace.